Has Technology Advanced Golf?

You bet your bottom dollar it has. And yes, technology has had a huge impact on bettering the game of golf over the last two decades.

Here are some of the most important and impactful changes technology has made to the world of golf.

Golf Club Advances

Advancing aerodynamic design, more sophisticated metals such as graphite and better weight distribution has allowed golfers, both amateurs and professional hit golf balls for longer distances and straighter trajectories.

A driver’s head is now designed aerodynamically and is much larger so there is less wind resistance and drivers are much lighter and easier on that shoulder swing.

The larger heads also compensate for a less than perfect contact spot on the golf ball, giving even a slightly misplaced contact zone shot a fighting chance.

Golf Ball Advances

Gold balls are no longer one-size-fits-all. Golf balls come in 1, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-piece balls as the more layers there are, the longer the distance the golfer will get.

While 1-piece balls are usually used by beginners, the average golfers use 2-piece balls. The pros can and often do go for the higher pieced balls, but experts will advise amateurs to stick to 2-piece balls.

Hybrid Clubs

Hybrid clubs make it much easier for amateur golfers to hit the ball on uneven ground. Hybrid clubs also help golfers get the ball up in the air more easily.

They are favoured for their higher launch capacity, and they are very forgiving of less-than-perfect swings.

Balanced Putters

The humble putter has not escaped technological advances in that they are now better balanced allowing the golfer more accuracy and straight puts.

Here it is important for a golfer to be aware of what putting style they have. If you are an arc swing putter, then you need the toe-hang putter.

If you’re a straight back kind of golfer, then you need the face-balanced putter.

Golf Shoes ARE Important

Remember those terrible golf shoes which were heavy, not waterproof, and really uncomfortable to wear?

Shoemakers stepped up to the plate and have made shoes that are lighter but with more padding, more stylish, made with better materials, and are now waterproof. Golfers can now walk around 18 holes in ease and comfort and still end their day playing at an online NZ casino without having to soak their aching feet.


If you remember the dicey guessing of the distance for your shot, you will love the rangefinders which allow golfers to make more accurate decisions.

Rangefinders resemble binoculars and using laser technology, the rangefinder will tell the golfer his exact distance from the hole. This allows the golfer to make the right decision as to which club to choose in order to get the ball closer to the hole.

While the player still should swing correctly, there is peace of mind in the better odds of getting the ball close to the sweet spot.

Better Golf Gloves

Golf gloves made from modern material don’t dry out and become hard, they allow the hands to breathe while performing the old functions of protecting the hands and providing a firm grip.