How To Buy The Right Golf Bag

The golf bag is one of the most important pieces of gear that a golfer can own. Not only is it a safe place to store all a golfer’s clubs, but they generally have a large selection of pockets, nooks, and more to keep a wide variety of different golfing equipment stowed away until it’s needed.

There is no one-size-fits-all kind of golf bag, and anyone that’s serious about their game will want to ensure that they have the right kind of bag for the job.

Stand Bags

Stand bags are a great choice for the golfer that likes to take their time with things, but also who prefer to carry their clubs wherever they go on the course. These are extremely versatile bags that, depending on the features, can be fairly lightweight or on the heavier site.

Many stand bags are designed to go on the golfer’s bag, which means that they’re often sold with comfortable backpack-like straps that the golfer can use to quickly hoist the bag up before they start moving to another part of the course. A well-designed bag will be balanced in terms of weight and should not cause any back issues for the golfer – and the convenient stand means they can be placed anywhere.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are among the most common bags that are found on the course. They are designed to sit on the back of a powered cart or on a pushcart. Due to the fact that the golfer does not need to drag this kind of bag around with them while they are playing, they often come with plenty of extra space, and tend to be a bit bigger than a lot of other kinds of golf bags.

They do not come with a stand mechanism, as they are not really meant to be carried around, and the golfer would be better suited leaving them on the back of the cart as much as possible, regardless of whether they are playing, chatting to a mate, or checking their phone for the latest Australian rugby bets. All pockets and zippers are built to face forward, making it possible for the golfer to have access to everything they need without having to try and turn the bag around.

Carry Bags

These are by far the most compact offering on the market. Manufactures design carry bags to be extremely easy to move around and are perfect for the golfer that likes to move quickly from place to place. Of course, they are much smaller and lighter than a stand or cart bag, which means that the golfer will need to be a lot more selective about the kind of gear that they want to carry with them.

This is the first choice for the player that wants to keep things as light and as minimal as possible, and it’s a great bag to always have in the back of the card to sneak in the odd game of golf during lunch or after work.