How Do I Get Better At Golf?

When we talk about developing our golf game, our minds usually race to the big stuff — such as joining a club, working more with a golf pro, switching out your irons as well as woods with clubs which match your specs. Sure, all of these may be factors in trimming strokes off your score however it’s important to note that there are incremental improvements which you are able to make to your game without spending much money, or time.

Make Sure You Keep The Ball On The Ground Around The Greens

One of the fastest ways to lower your score without bettering your technique is to be diligent in selecting the short game shot with the least amount of risk. Usually, the less time the ball is in the air, or the tinier the stroke or swing that you take, the less is the chance for error. Reaching for your highest-lofted club every single time may translate into higher scores extremely quickly.

Your short game shot selection should go forward in the following order:

  1. Putt,
  2. Chip, and
  3. Pitch/Flop.

Putt when you can. Chip when you cannot putt, utilising whichever club will give you the opportunity to keep your stroke small while – at the same time – carrying the trouble. Pitching necessitates a larger swinging motion and thus carries the most amount of risk. Consider it to be a last resort. By using this order you are able to give yourself lots of room for error, so your mistakes will go undetected by your playing partners or your scorecard.

Expect The Unforeseen And Work On Changing Your Mental Approach

You really do not need to tell any golfer – who has played the game for any period of time – that it can play havoc with your mind. Golf is hard and perhaps the most challenging sport mentally for players to play. Not only does every shot count without any exception but the scoring system, which sets a ‘scoring par’ on each of the holes, means that the typical golfer has to face up to having ‘failed’ on nearly every hole.

In addition, golfers face the rare concentration challenge of needing to ‘play’ for only a tiny fraction of the time that they are on the course. Players will just spend a few minutes over a 2½- to 4-hour round really hitting the ball. Added to this is a complex and unnatural series of movements which need to be combined together as well as timed well repeatedly within the golf swing. So, it is easy to see how golfers can lose focus and get quickly frustrated.

Get Fit For Your Putter

You take 30-plus smacks with the damn thing every single round. It may as well be fit to you. And it may be the least fit club in your golfing bag. A survey of 100 golfers by club fitting experts showed that two-thirds of golfers do not fit into the standard length of 35 inches.

In addition 28% of golfers either require more than 35 inches or less than 34 inches. This means that there are some pretty bad fits out there, unlike the games you’ll find at This is not exactly what you want when you’re attempting to roll the rock into a hole only 4.25 inches in diameter—even if you are now able to leave the pin in.