Is A Golf Cart Worth Buying?

Golf carts are a great way of getting around a course, doubly so if the course is exceptionally large and it’s not practical for a player to spend hours walking from hole to hole in the blazing sun. Instead, they can opt instead to make use of a golf cart, giving them the ability to zip around the course quickly and efficiently.

It’s fairly common for most golf courses to allow their players to hire a golf cart for the day, but for the player that intends to enjoy the game for many years, it might make more sense financially to rather purchase a cart for themselves. Here we’ll break down everything a player should know if they intend to buy a brand new or second-hand golf cart.

1. Inspecting The Vehicle

Because a large percentage golf carts are electric, it means that they don’t really have a specific lifespan, as its easy enough to replace the battery or electric motor. That means that it’s possible to buy a golf cart that was made as far back as the 1980s and is still in excellent shape. This also means that it’s the prerogative of the player to take the time and give a potential cart a thorough inspection.

Many owners will keep a log of the maintenance and services that are performed on the cart over the course of its lifespan, and it’s a good idea to have a look at this log and see if previous owners looked after it. This is an absolute necessity if the golf cart is petrol-powered, as regular maintenance will ensure that the engine was kept in good condition.

2. Get A Good Warranty

This generally only applies to brand new golf carts, but it’s worth paying that little bit extra to get a warranty on a golf cart to cover any expenses that may be incurred if the cart is damaged in some way. There are generally two kinds of warranty that will be available: a warranty that’s provided by the manufacturer of the cart, and/or a warranty that’s given by the dealership when the cart is purchased.

Checking through the warranties that are on offer is recommended to make sure that it’s a good deal and that the cart will be covered for the future.

3. Accessories

Something that a lot of players might not realise when buying a cart for the first time is how customisable they are. There are a number of accessories that can be added to a cart when buying for the first time or can be added at a later stage.

Some of the more popular accessories include a special fridge that can be used to keep drinks and food cool in hot weather, or a special plastic covering that can be added to the cart to keep the driver and passengers dry in case the weather turns bad, or a special slot for a mobile device so the golfer can read the news, chat to their friends, or see what’s happening on There’s a huge market for golf cart accessories, many of which are designed to improve the player’s experience on the course.