What Are The Best Golf Tips For A Novice?

Golf is the best game in the world — just ask anyone who plays it. However, getting started as a beginner may be a daunting — and often intimidating — prospect. To those who know don’t know about the sport, our goal is to shepherd you through this uncertainty. What kind of clubs do you need? How do you practice? When do you know that you’re prepared for the golf course?

Head To The Practice Range

Begin on a practice range and not on the golf course. The range is the absolute best place to get accustomed to the game. It’s low-pressure and you are able to stay as long as you want to.

Don’t worry about anyone else at the range. Everyone there was once a beginner as well. We all know that the game is a struggle. No one is judging you.

Swing at Less Than 100% Effort

It is only natural for you to swing as hard as possible when you’re first getting started with this game. Actually, swinging at 100% effort is a habit which many golfers never manage to get out of.  This is no matter how long they play the game. It may seem like a good idea to swing as hard as you can to maximise your distance however swinging with such effort will do more harm than good.

Rather than swinging as hard as you possibly can, you should be aiming to swing most of your clubs at about between 80 and 90% effort. Swinging at this level will still permit you to generate a lot of club head speed while – at the same time – making it easier for you to stay on balance.

Making sure that you keep your balance is a fundamental key when it comes to solid ball striking, however you are going to have trouble staying balanced if you are always going after the ball with everything you have. Turn down the ‘volume’ on your swing by about 10 and 20% and you should find that your results quickly improve.

Get A Professional Golf Coach

Whatever you do, don’t let your spouse or significant other become your main teacher. This is frequently a recipe for disaster which could drive you away from the game (and even possibly each other!). What you should be doing is working with a professional in order to get a proper swing foundation, this is as smart as claiming a casino bonus NZ has to offer.

Play More Break

It is very common for beginning golfers to play too-little break when they are reading their putts. For this reason, many pro golfers refer to missing out on a putt on the low side of the hole as missing on the ‘amateur’ side. A putt that is too low has absolutely no chance to go in, so start playing more break on your putts right away to give yourself a better chance to knock them in.

Of course, you aren’t able to talk about line without talking about speed when it comes to putting. Most likely, your current approach to putting includes hitting the ball too hard while not allowing for enough break.