Becoming A PGA Golfing Professional

PGA Golf Professionals are some of the most highly distinguished players in the world of golf. These are players that have been able to become certified members of the Professional Golfers’ Association, a title that very few golfers are able to attain over the course of their careers on the course.

In fact, it can be a challenge that takes years to complete, but it’s something that many golfers aspire to and hope to achieve one day.

In order to become a certified member of the PGA, a player will need to meet a list of specific requirements. This includes the passing of the Player Ability Test, which consists of playing a total of 36 holes of the course of a day with a specific score.

On top of that, they will need to complete three levels of coursework in less than a decade, have a job related to the sport, and to pass the necessary courses and tests. It’s quite the endeavour, but it’s also one that opens a world of new opportunities to the golfer that hopes to make it big in the world of professional golf.

Becoming A PGA Member

To start working toward becoming a certified PGA professional, a player will first need to be a PGA member, which means that they will need to be registered as an Associate and must complete the Professional Golf Management Program.

This kind of course is offered by a number of different tertiary education institutions around the world and is often offered as part of a four year of two-year degree.

The PGA Membership is something that most golfers will want to try and strive for, as it’s a powerful title that allows them to work within the sport, such as teaching professional, playing on a pro level, and more. It might be worth diving into the jackpot games at to cover the cost of the fees associated with the membership.

PGA Teaching Professional

Not everyone wants to play the game professionally themselves, but are more than happy to teach it the next generation of young players that are wanting to make it big. A PGA Teaching Professional is an individual that is able to both coach or teach golf, and it’s a position that’s fairly popular within the industry.

Most golf teachers can earn an excellent income, especially if they are training young professionals. They can either offer their services solo, meaning that they run their own business, or they may be able to work for a golf club, where they can provide teaching services to those that use the golf course club.

PGA Club Professional

A PGA Club Professional is someone that runs a golf course, making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

There are a lot of different job positions that are associated with becoming a Club Professional, such as Assistant Golf Professional, Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, General Manager, and many more.

It’s aimed at those that want to remain working with the sport but have perhaps run their pro career to its end, or for those that would rather work in the clubs and maintain the course rather than pursue a professional career.