How Professional Golfers Stay Fit

It’s easy to think that being on the course all day means that staying in good shape is easy. The truth is that most pro golfers have a strict diet and training regime that, while not as intense as that of a football player, is designed to always keep them at their peak while out on the course.

Being a pro at any sport means being dedicated to staying in good shape and maintaining the body. After all, many golfers will spend countless hours on the course battling the elements during tournaments, meaning that they need to have excellent stamina to keep up with the competition.

Mobility Routines

The key to being great at golf is being as flexible as possible, and some of the most common injuries that occur during the game are usually due to muscle being torn while taking a swing. Most pros will spend many hours of their week working on their overall mobility, which can include doing resistance training and swimming. The muscles need to be both loose enough to shoot off a swing with causing any issues, but also strong enough that they’re able to put a lot of power behind a shot to get is as far as humanly possible.

Exercise bands are highly recommended for this kind of training, and it’s a piece of training gear that tends to be utilised by a range of pro golfers. It’s great for increasing flexibility, giving the muscles plenty of extra strength and a better overall swinging range while out on the course for a game.

High Intensity Workouts

Another way of keeping the body in optimum shape is by making use of high intensity exercising. This is exercising that relies on short bursts of extreme physical activity before stopping to rest. It’s been shown to be even more effective than other forms of training when it comes to building both strength and stamina.

Many golf pros are knowing for employing high intensity workouts to build their stamina, allowing to go for longer on the course without becoming fatigued. Golf is also known for causing certain injuries, specifically in the arms and back, and these kinds of exercises can help a golfer with any muscular injuries that they might have suffered while playing which may force them to stay at home instead and enjoy Spin Casino Canada games.

Weight Training

Some pro golfers like Ben Crane and Justin Thomas are known for introducing weights into their training regimes. They’re not always in the form of dumbbells or similar weights, but rather resistance training tools that are used for increased strength and for giving muscles a greater range of flexibility.

Professionals tend to train at least once a day to keep their bodies in shape, although experts believe that around 3 to 5 hours of exercise a week is more than adequate for people that want to maintain a decent level of health. Jogging tends to also be recommended for stamina training and for building fitness fast.