Playing Golf In Warmer Weather

There’s nothing quite like heading out to the course during the summer months when the weather is warm, and the evenings tend to be longer. Not only is it great for visibility, but it means avoiding the cold and the rain, and makes for a much more memorable experience.

Playing in hot weather does come with some caveats, and the golfer will need to make sure that they prepare carefully before heading out on to the course.

Most of the concerns of playing in hot weather revolve around any heat-related problems, such as heat stress or even sun stroke. Fortunately, golfers can avoid these problems completely by making use of the following tips and tricks.

The Right Headgear

The head tends to be the part of the body that suffers the most when exposed to too much direct sunlight, but it’s a problem that can be avoided entirely by making use of some kind of hat.

While most hats are accepted on golf courses, players generally tend to go for caps, which allow for better visibility on the course during long shots while also offering plenty of protection for the top of the head. Other kinds of hats might be use, such as those with a full, wide brim, but for most practical uses, a cap will be more than enough.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is one of the best ways of staying hydrated, but it’s a good idea to try and keep the water as cold as possible while out on the course. Using a sealed bag can help, but if the golfer finds that they get dehydrated quickly, it might be worth instead taking liquids that have electrolytes packed right in.

Sweating a lot while playing is common and can lead to dehydration quickly, so having backup liquids on hand can help deal with most of the issues that are related to not having enough liquid and salts in the body.

Wait In Shady Areas

Standing in the sun for too long can lead to serious problems when it comes to overheating, but thankfully most golf courses tend to have wooded areas and sporadic trees that allow the golfer to stand in the shade while they’re waiting for their turn to play between shots, and perfect for a round or two of online pokies NZ.

Shade tends to be many degrees cooler, but if no shade is available, it can be worth having an umbrella on hand to stand underneath and avoid direct sunlight.

Eat Regularly

Being in the heat for too long can cause the body to burn through calories quickly, meaning that having a snack on hand can help keep energy levels at their optimum. It’s a good idea to focus on eating healthy foods wherever possible, as junk foods that contain empty calories can only make the problem worse.

Fruit, peanut butter, and mixed nuts are all great snack foods to have on hand while playing a round in the heat of the afternoon.