The Best Amateur Golf Events In The World

Most golf fans and players tend to keep an eye on the big, professional tournaments, like the PGA Tour, which offers the best golfers in the world the chance to compete against one another and fight for the top trophy and accompanying purse.

But golf is a large sport that’s followed by millions, and when the big events aren’t in play, the next best thing is to watch the amateurs as they climb the ladder toward a pro title.

This is where amateur golfing tournaments come into play, and there are more than a handful of them scattered throughout the world. Here are some of the best amateur golf tournaments worth watching right now.

Las Vegas World Amateur

Considered to be one of the “bigger” amateur events around, the Las Vegas World Amateur is actually much simpler than most others, with a total of four tournament rounds compared to the usual five, and instead of a couple of dozen course rotations, where he only have six.

Despite this, it’s still one of the larger events, and a great title to earn for those that are starting out on the amateur side of golf. It’s got something of a passionate following, and those that want to follow the amateur world, there are few better events to keep an eye on.

The Las Vegas World Am usually takes place during the month of February, although there can be some fluctuation as to when it occurs.

Lithia Pacific Amateur Golf Classic

Thanks to the timing of the event and its location, it’s the perfect amateur tournament in terms of the clear and sunny weather that fans and players can expect. Taking place in September ever year, the Lithia Pac Am is hosts around 400 players annually, where they will play for around three days in six courses.

It’s among the most followed amateur events around, and the course itself is the perfect mixture of flat land and incredible scenery. It’s definitely worth following for those that want to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the world of amateur golf while not preoccupied with the offers.

The Broadmoor Invitation

The Broadmoor Invitation is something of a grandfather of amateur golfing events, and is one of the most sought-after in the world. It boasts a long and rich history in its sphere, and being an invitational event, the entry price tends to be a big higher when compared to most other amateur events.

Regardless, golf isn’t the only thing that’s on offer here, as accommodation is part of the price, and during the four days that the event takes place over, it’s also possible to take part in dinners and a reception, as well as wine tasting and a tour of the course to learn its interesting history.

This makes it also just about the only golfing tournament in the world that works as both an amateur event as well as a great opportunity to take a small vacation.