Statistically Bad Golfers That Won A Big Event

Not all golfers are created equal, and it could be fairly unethical to call out some golfers as being bad at the game. But when it comes to the actual statistics of some golfers, there is no denying that are some are worse than others at the game. These are golfers that are usually more talented than the average amateur, but by are no means able to match up against the pros that are found playing in the major events.

Sometimes, however, a golfer that would otherwise be average or worse at the game will find a way to beat out even his most experienced peers. Here we will look at the biggest wins by golfers that were otherwise considered bad by most standards.

Michael Campbell

Campbell has had a career filled with ups and downs, and has seen various success around the world, and just as many losses. In total he won 15 times and was named the European Tour Player of the Year during 2005. For the PGA Tour, however, he was able to win just a single time, which was when he was playing against such participants as Tiger Woods. It should also be noted that Campbell has a 0-for-10 for the Masters.

Paul Lawrie

Paul Lawrie didn’t have the best time as an active golfer, winning the Claret Jug in 1999 due to him failing hard in front of millions of people around the world. His third round 76 had left him behind by 10 strokes against Jean van de Velde, who would eventually take the championship at the 18th hole of Carnoustie. Lawrie has never won during his time in the United States, but he did find some success in the 2021 masters, where he tied for lead for 25th at the Masters.

Orville Moody

Widely considered by both his peers and fans to be one of the least-successful golfers of all time, Moody saw a victory at a major during the US Open, which was his only win in a career with 266 starts. Despite his losses, it should also be remembered that the player spent a large portion of his career working within the military, serving for over a decade. It came as a huge surprise, then, when Moody would go on to win a major championship, beating out such players as Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, and Jack Nicklaus, in one of the greatest upsets in the history of the game.

Shaun Micheel

For the 2003 PGA Championship, there were a lot of favourites to choose from, and no one was expecting Shaun Micheel to make it far into the event. But that changed when Micheel claimed one of the greatest clutch shots in the history of championship golf. Despite his victory, the player hasn’t had the best luck since, unlike players of online casinos in Canada, and has not won a tour event since disallowed to player for his 13 attempts. Of his 380 starts for the PGA Tour, he has only been able to win one.