The Various Parts Of A Golf Courses

Golf courses around the world are generally made the same, meaning that a golfer that learns to play on one course will easily be able to play on another. This is because the fundamentals of the course remain the same, albeit sometimes in different locations.

For new golfers wanting to learn about golf and how it works, learning about the different areas of the course if vital to achieving success. With that in mind, here we will break down the most common parts of a golf course and how they fit into the course as a whole.

The Greens

Anyone that’s seen a golf course will know that a large area of it is covered in short, green grass, and this is known as the green. This is also where the hole is, so it’s where a golfer will want to try and get the ball to.

Once the ball is in the green, the next stage is to break out the putter and try to get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. Learning how to make use of the putter is an important part of the game and one that everyone should try and learn at one point or another.


The tee is the beginning of the hole, and where each round will begin. The tee box is generally the starting point, and the idea is to use the time in the tee to get a clean shot and to make use of the right club. It will be easy to find the tee because it will always be marked out on the course.

When a golfer enters the tee box for the first time, they will be expected to set up the ball and the tee together, and it’s also worth noting that some course will have more than a single set of tee boxes available to play from.


The fairway is a stretch of land that makes up the area between the green and the tee box. The total length of this area can vary depending on the course, but it will always be the golfer’s mission to try and get the ball here after they launch if from the tee box.

The second shot of the round is also made from the fairway, and it’s much easier to get a shot going form here than other regions of the course, such as the rough.


The rough is a part of the course that the golfer should try and avoid as much as they possibly can when playing. It tends to line along the side of the fairway, and will usually be made up of longer grass, trees, and bushes.

Getting the ball stuck here can slow the game down significantly and can make getting the ball back on to the fairway that much more difficult, and sometimes it’s easier to head home and enjoy Australian betting sites instead. Every golfer will eventually get the ball into the rough at one point or another, so it’s important to learn how to properly get it out once it has become stuck.