How To Start Betting On Golf Successfully

Most of the world’s most popular sports tend to have a thriving betting scene associated with them. While sports betting isn’t for everyone, there are hundreds of millions of people across the world who find a lot of excitement and joy from winning the odd wager every now and again.

A lot of people that bet on their favourite sports will also play them much of the time, making it a great pairing for those that are passionate about their preferred sport.

Getting started with golf betting is a lot easier than most people realise, and as long as they take the time to understand how it works and to manage their money well, it can be a rewarding and thrilling experience. Use these simple tips and tricks to start betting on golf today.

The Most Common Wagers

The first kind of bet that a bettor is likely to encounter is a simple outright win wager. Here, the bettor will place money down on the player that they believe will achieve success in a specific tournament. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional and amateur golfing tournaments to choose from, with one of the most popular being the PGA Tour. It ultimately boils down to what the bettor prefers, but it’s easy enough to switch to a different tournament whenever they feel like it.

A popular example of a bet would be to take money out on a favourite. Tiger Woods, for example, would be considered a favourite, and a line for Woods would be something along the lines of +800. This means that he is an 8-1 favourite to win the event, and betting 800 would mean winning 100 if the bet was successful. The details of the bet can change drastically depending on who’s playing and what betting offers are available, however.

Prop Betting

Even non-bettors may have heard of prop betting, as it’s a kind of wagering that’s popular in many sports. Golf especially is known for the large number of prop bets that bookmakers tend to offer, often because golf has many more factors to it than some other sports.

Prop bets can come in many shapes and sizes and might include putting money on a player that will score the first hole-in-one; odds on which golfers will be able to make the cut, the first to earn a certain score by the end of the game, and many more. Prop betting is an excellent way of expanding into new realms of wagering, especially after the more conventional betting becomes a little bit stale.

Live Betting

Another form of betting that has spread like wildfire in recent years is live betting, although players will be fairly used to it by now. It gives the bettor the chance to keep track of the action as it happens, allowing them to put money down on what they believe will happen next, such as whether a golf swing will yield results.

Not only does it offer thrilling by-the-minute action, but it can give a bettor plenty of experience that might help them further down the line.