Common Pros And Cons Of Playing Golf

Being such a widely popular game, it’s no surprise at how many people play golf when they have the time available. It’s an excellent way of spending an afternoon, while also getting plenty of exercise and sunlight.

But it’s also worth remembering that golf isn’t for everyone, and those that are wondering whether they should give the game a go or not might benefit from learning about the specific pros and cons that are associated with the game.


  • Good For Stress

Any physical activity is good for reducing stress levels, but golf is especially appealing as it doesn’t require that the player constantly be on the move or running while they play. There’s a focus on walking around the course, which is itself a good form of exercise. Getting enough exercise has been proven to help with depression, stress, and anxiety.

  • Spending Time Outside

Being inside and sedentary all the time is not good for the human body, which was designed to almost constantly be on the move. Many modern people spend too much time in front of their screens, and it can lead to long-term health issues. Golf provides the opportunity to be outside, usually in a more natural location, and often with really great views.

  • Good For Coordination

Being more coordinated and focused are skills that most golf players pick up fairly quickly. Golf requires a fair amount of concentration, as a player can’t just walk up and hit the ball, hoping that it goes exactly where it wants. Practise is required, but not only does it help improve important skills for golf, but many of them can be translated into the real world.

The Cons

  • Cost Of Gear

Unlike some other sports, golf does come with a financial requirement. Even if this means having to rent equipment from the local club, it won’t be as cheap as playing a round of football among friends. Buying and owning quality golf gear is usually enough to put most players off right from the start, so it’s something to keep in mind, and it might mean having to spend more time winning extra funds from real money pokies.

  • It’s A Solo Sport

While there are tournaments and group events that a player can participate in, for the most part, golf is a solo sport that can see the player sometimes spending hours on their own. For more team-based sports where constant interaction is necessary, it might be better to steer away from golf entirely.

  • Learning Curve

Golf can be difficult to pick up, especially for a new player that has never played the game before. The rules of the game take some time to get used to, but the player will also have to learn about the various sections of the course and how they work; the kind of clubs that they need; and how to pull off different kinds of strokes, putts, and more. There is a steep learning curve to golf that could take some years to fully comprehend.