How Difficult Is It To Play Golf?

It is not a very likely occurrence that you will break a sweat when you’re playing golf. The golf ball does not move at any time you try to hit it. Also, your opponents are required to stay perfectly still and quiet when you are playing and are not permitted to attempt to block or stop your shots.

Given all that, is golf really that hard to play? Golf is a tricky sport to play well regularly. The golf swing is a sequence of movements which need to be combined together repeatedly, and timed well, with a tiny margin for error. Also, golf presents a number of mental challenges and needs a large amount of time, and frequently money, in order to master.

Although golf is challenging to play consistently well it is also fun and can be very addictive. Hitting a great shot, however rarely, feels great and golfers regularly become addicted to seeing if another superb shot is coming up with their next stroke.

Understanding why golf is hard is also an important step to getting better at it and there are also a number of different ways to make it easier.

Why Can Golf Can Be Difficult?

The main reason why golf can be tricky to learn is because it is rarely taught correctly.  It is usually taught from the perspective that individuals naturally need to be able to be extremely good golfers so they are taught the perfect golf grip, stance as well as alignment and shown the best way to swing the club ‘correctly’.

Right there is a chief reason that people have trouble learning golf and become frustrated even to the point of quitting.

In actual fact they should be told to grab the club in a comfortable fashion, which will be more of a baseball or 10-finger grip and do whatever is needed to hit the ball generally going in a specific direction.  The less information which they are given, and the more assistance they get to figure out for their self, the better.

How To Make Golf Easier


The golf swing is not only about hitting your golf ball. It is a simulation of complicated series of muscle movements which need to be combined together every single time you hit the ball. Each muscle must be timed perfectly in each swing so that you perform on the course.

Flawless hand-eye coordination – in addition to a flexible upper body with strong muscles – will assist you to achieve a consistent swing every time. Ideally, a rookie golfer needs to perform at least 10 000 such swings to just be able to perform it regularly. Mastery may take a couple of thousand more such swings.

Mental Strength

Okay, you have learned the art of golfing. Now you will pick up your club and ball in order to hit your shots. You hit two great shots over 400 yards on a long par to within a number of feet of the hole.

Then you miss the following putt because you don’t know how the green moves, where the bumps are and how to hit the ball. Let’s assume that you got one out of luck, don’t forget that there are 17 more.