How to fix your slice

If you have a slice, you will know all about the frustration that comes along with it. Luckily, this is something that can easily be fixed and have your game improved in no time.

For those that have never experienced a slice, it is an issue with your swing that affects your accuracy and distance.

Simply put, a slice is when the ball flies from left to right if you are right-handed and right to left if you are left-handed. Instead of moving straight, it changes direction, creates a side spin, and loses distance.

While there is not one single thing that can impact a shot, the most common reason is having the clubface open during impact – and the harder you try to hit straight, the worse it gets. Let’s look at some of the things that could affect your swing.

Look At Your Stance

It takes time to work on your stance and get it where it should be. Don’t rush this as your stance is the position you’ll be in while swinging and will impact your swing as a result. The most commonly shared advice is that the swing is initiated by the hips turning to the left, with the shoulders, arms and hands following in that order before unleashing your power.

In most cases, a slice occurs when you start swinging with your shoulders and arms and not your hips. By activating the upper body, you will turn and hit the ball with an open club. Keeping your hips facing your target is also a great help when it comes to the direction of the swing. Another thing to add to your list is tucking in your right elbow to reduce the pull that could result in a slice.

Work On Your Grip

Another common problem is a weak grip. You need to have a solid, strong grip on the club.  Try to keep your palms parallel while having your hands face the target. Imaginary lines from your thumb should connect with the point of your collar on the right side of your shirt. To work on this, try holding a towel against your body with your elbow while swinging.

Aim Is Everything

Of course, your aim is an important part of your swing, just like online Bingo sites are part of having fun. You need to aim straight, but because you are a pro slicer, going straight is not a common occurrence. Try imagining a line from where you are standing to your target and try to hit along the line. Don’t try to compensate for your slice by aiming left or right of where you would like the ball to land, this will make your slice even worse.

So, to summarise, always aim straight – even if you have a slice. Your stance and grip also need to be relooked to ensure that your movement follows the correct pattern and, above all, don’t forget to practice your swing at the nearest driving range.