Golfing Terms For Beginners

The world of golf is complex and confusing, especially when you are new to it. Suddenly, everyone wants to know your handicap and how you did on a par-3 hole. Do not let the unknown golf lingo scare you, it is really simple. To prove it, we will share some of the most basic golf terms with you.

Golfing Terminology 101

  1. Par: This refers to the whole average. It is the number of strokes it should take a golfer to complete a hole. For example, a par-4 means that it will take four shots to complete.
  2. Birdie: A shot under par to complete a hole. For example, using three strokes to sink a hole on a par-4.
  3. Eagle: Two shots under par to finish a hole. For example, using two shots on a par-4.
  4. Double eagle or albatross: Three shots under par to complete a hole. This is a rare occurrence.
  5. Bogey: One shot more than par. For example, five shots on a par-4 hole.
  6. Double bogey: Two over par.
  7. Triple bogey: Three over par.
  8. Ace or hole-in-one: Hitting the ball into the hole with only one shot. Understandably, this is a very rare phenomenon.
  9. Handicap: The average number of strokes you use when playing a round of golf.
  10. Fore: This is a warning about an incoming ball, telling people to get out of the way.
  11. Putt: A shot taken on the green.
  12. Drive: The first shot when starting a hole. This will be at the tee box.
  13. Approach: The shot that takes the ball from the fairway to the green.
  14. Bank shot: Using a slope to influence the ball speed and direction.
  15. Over clubbing: Hitting the ball too far.
  16. Best ball: When playing a tournament, the person in each team that had the best score will be the points used to determine the score at the end of the tournament.
  17. The turn: The halfway point.
  18. Explosion shot: A powerful shot used to free a ball from a sand trap.
  19. Duff: A poor shot.
  20. Mulligan: Used in playing a friendly round of golf. It is an opportunity to redo the shot, however, the points do not count.
  21. Hacker: Someone who does not play well.
  22. Fairway: The grassy patch between the tee box and the green.
  23. Rough: The long grass along the fairway.
  24. Green: The smooth grass near the hole.
  25. Hazard: A disruption on the course that can impact your score.
  26. Bunker: A hazard in the form of a sand ditch. Also known as a beach.

  1. Casual water: Water that accumulates on the course following rain. You can move the ball without a penalty.

It Is Simple Lingo

As with the sport and Aussie bingo bonuses, understanding golf terminology comes with time and practice. It is part of what makes it such a fascinating sport.