Unpacking Golf Myths

Whether you are starting out in the world of golf, have years of experience or simple have a deep appreciation of the game, the odds are that you may have come across a myth or two related to how the game is played. While some people have the know how to separate fact from fiction, some people truly have the right intention but simply have the wrong advice.

Either way, there is a lot of confusion out there that we are looking to solve.

Common Myths About Golfing

  1. Do not move your feet: To some extent, still feet make sense and will benefit your swing. However, you need to be able to move and shift your weight while making your swing for the perfect swing. Think about how your favourite golfer swings, are their feet still?
  2. Weather will impact ball choice: There are some golfers with a belief that they need to opt for a low compression ball in the chilly winter months. This has been debunked by research stating that ball performance will not be affected by temperature changes.
  3. It is not a sport: Of course, this one is false, golf is most certainly a sport – and one of the most historic ones at that. Is someone claims otherwise, they have obviously never spent a day on a golf course.
  4. You need to be good: With any sport, the objective is to be the best, however, this is not an overnight process. You are not automatically good; it is a skill and craft that takes countless hours to perfect and master.
  5. Equipment does not matter: The skill of a golfer will undoubtedly play a role in performance, but there are a few things you can do to give yourself more of an edge. The simplest, albeit more expensive, way to do so it to invest in high quality equipment that has been carefully selected based on your golfing needs.

  1. Loft gives distance: With standard irons, loft will equate to distance. However, the same cannot be said for your woods. Low loft woods do not have the power needed to go the distance.
  2. Custom fittings are for pros: If you want to have the best gear to get started, a custom fitting is the way to go. Rather have them fitted and know they will work well for you as opposed to simply buying a set that is on sale.
  3. One brand to rule them all: Stick to only one brand is not always a cost-effective way to start your career. It also limits you to only experiences those clubs. Give yourself the opportunity to experiment with different clubs before committing to only one brand.

Ask Around

When it comes to buying golf gear and equipment, the best way to make sure that you are making the right investment is to ask around and research your options. Like when playing the real money Australian slots online offers, research is key. You do not want to be caught out by a myth or cornered into going for a specific brand. Part of the fun is having the freedom to choose.