The PGA’s Most Lucrative Purses

The PGA is currently the largest golfing tournament in the world, and sees some of the very best professional golfers from around the world battling it out for the ultimate prizes. Over the years, the purses for the event have grown exponentially, and are now currently worth almost half a billion dollars in total.

The PGA is generally broken up into smaller events, and each one offers its own sum of money for those players that can make it to the end. Here we will look at some of the purses that players could expect to win if they managed to best all of their opponents.

The US Open

The US Open is well-known for offering some of the most difficult course conditions in the PGA tour, and it’s usually only the players with the most skill that manage to see it to the end. For this reason, the purse for the US Open was $12,500,000 for 2021, and the winners of the event were able to split the purse with $2,250,000 each. It’s expected that the purse will continue to grow with each passing year.

The Genesis Invitational

The Genesis Invitational is part of a group of events hosted by professional and famous players and makes up just one of the invitationals that are a part of the PGA Tour ever season. Because of this, the purse for the event is usually quite high, and currently sits at around $12 million.

This matches the purses of the other invitationals in the series, which included the Memorial and the Arnold Palmer, and winning players can walk away with more than $2 million in winnings. The Genesis Invitational is hosted by Tiger Woods and takes place at Riviera Country Club every year during the month of February.

The BMW Championship

Along with the FedEx St. Jude Championship, the BMW Championship is extremely popular and has one of the highest purses available for those that participate in the PGA Tour. Both have long been a staple of the tour and makes up a significant part of the Tour’s purse structure.

Currently they also lead the play-offs for the PGA Tour, and each event comes with a purse of around $15 million in total for this year. Players that can make the cut can potentially walk away with $2,7 million in winnings, usually the kind of money only found through online betting NZ, and even more than what’s offered by the US Open.

The Tour Championship

At the top of the roster is the Tour Championship, which takes place once the FedEx Championship has come to an end. The winner of the Tour Championship is arguably the biggest event in the PGA Tour, and not only holds the title for winning the event but is also crowned the FedEx Champion. The purse dwarfs all of the others, with a total value of $75 million, which is considered by the PGA Tour as a bonus pool. Winners of this event can earn up to $18 million by the end of the season.