Play Better Golf By Following These Golf Psychology Tips

Golf is in many ways, just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. After all, how many times have you lined up your ball, picked out the right iron, and ended up with a bogey when you were aiming for a birdie? While realising that everyone has a bad day or hole every so often, it’s when you become bogged down over thinking things, that you may need to brush up on these golf psychology tips.

  1. Warm Up Everything

While it’s normal to do stretches and get your body ready for golf to avoid injuries, you should also be warming up your mind alongside it. This will help you to play the most consistent games possible, ensure your limbs are ready to go, and that you are mentally in the right headspace for the game.

  1. Focus On The Now

By keeping your mind on the game, instead of wondering what’s on the lunch menu, you’ll be better able to stay in the present and fully embrace the game you’re playing. Apart from having your mind wander away on things other than golf, you also should avoid over thinking the perfect game, such as “I’ll pick up three par here, do a birdie on the next hole, and aim to putt the following hole within a par-three”. Doing this ensures you’ll be unable to focus properly on the ball and hole you’re going to play if you’re racing ahead with your mind.

  1. What’s Done Is Done

While it’s easy to obsess over your less-than-perfect score, it’s something that you can’t control by dwelling on it. The past can’t change, and you gain nothing by continuously thinking about it. What you should focus on instead is what you’ll be doing next. A top tip from pro-golfer Tiger Woods is that when you’ve hit a bad shot, you can keep thinking about it… right up until you’re 10 steps away from where you hit the ball originally. Once you’re past 10 steps, then you’re no longer allowed to keep thinking about your bad shot. Your focus should instead shift onto the next hole and challenge.

  1. You Get To Start Over On Each Ball

While your game may or may not be going well, you’ll always can improve it if you remember that each ball offers a new opportunity to meet your objectives. You should be seeking ways in which to get the ball in the hole as efficiently as possible. Even if it means taking a penalty drop – this can sometimes be the safest and smartest option despite the sting to your pride.

  1. Figure Out Your Starting Routine

Every great golfer has a pre-shot routine they use, some type of superstition or systematic procedure that’s consistently done before they hit their ball. Just like superstitious New Zealand mobile pokies players who wear a lucky hat or only bet in even numbers.

A way to control something on the course. It could be as simple as wiggling your club around six or seven times or closing your eyes and taking in a deep breath. Whatever it is, find what works best for you to get your mind in the game.