A Beginners Guide to Golfing Gear: What Do You Need to Start?

Golfing is a sport that requires a decent amount of investment to properly get going. You cannot hit the golf course empty-handed as there is some essential gear that you will need before you start playing. The sheer number of different types of equipment available to golfers is mind-boggling and this article will try and set out the main pieces of golfing gear that any beginner will need before starting their journey in the sport.

A Reliable Set of Golf Clubs

The obvious starting point is obtaining something to hit the ball with. For the most part, golfers will each have their own reliable set of clubs, that they often end up getting attached to. Tiger Woods, for example, had his first-ever set of clubs sell in auction for around $5 million.

Your first clubs will mean a lot to you in the long run, especially if you end up taking the sport very seriously. It is therefore a good idea to make a strong investment into your first set as a reliable club could last for years-and-years, and only end up making you love the sport even more. Having a good set of clubs also makes playing the game a lot more comfortable and fun, as golf clubs are often tailored to the height and build of the player.

Golfing Shoes

One of the most physically daunting parts of playing golf is the fact that you will be on your feet for a very long period of time, with the average 9-hole golf game running at around four and a half hours. Therefore, it is imperative that you buy shoes that are made for golfing as they will provide your feet and legs with the comfort and support, they will need to survive a multiple-hole game.

If you just plan on visiting the driving range then any old pair of trainers will most likely suffice, but if you’re planning on heading out and playing a few games then you might want to consider purchasing a specialist golfing shoe.

Golf Bag

This is absolutely essential if you plan on following through with the first recommendation by buying yourself a set of clubs. Most club sets often come with a bag when you purchase them, and for good reason, as lugging around a handful of golf clubs for a few hours will become extremely tiresome.

The bag is not only useful for clubs, however, as you can store many other golfing accessories such as tees, gloves, golf balls, and other sporting equipment such as water and towels. The bag is an absolute essential for anyone looking to play a full game of golf.


Alongside the above-mentioned gear, gloves, hats, and sunglasses will all help make your experience on the course more enjoyable. You may also want take your phone so you can play NZ online casino games between holes if you have a long wait.