The World’s 5 Biggest Golf Tournaments

Golf is among the world’s most popular sport, boasting some of the greatest athletes of all time, as well as millions of adoring fans from across the globe. While there are countless small amateur golfing events taking place at any given time, the real draw of the game is the massive, international tournaments that see some of the very best going head-to-head on the course.

These are tournaments that have been home to some of the greatest moments in golfing history, featuring players that spent their lives honing their skills to make it to the top of the roster. For any diehard golfing lover, these are the tournaments that aren’t worth missing.

1. THE US Open

The US Open is held across a large number of golf courses throughout the United States and has long been a true bastion for incredible players and events, and most of the players are from the country. Started as far back as 1895, it’s believed that many of the courses that are selected for the US Open are some of the very toughest in the world.

2. The Masters

The Masters tournament was first started in 1934, and over the decades it’s become the de facto event when it comes to professional golf. Players are only able to participate by invitation only, and the tournament has always been held at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Invitations are only sent to a line-up of the very best golfers at the time, and the prize money that’s on offer is some of the highest available. This is where some pros like Tiger Woods made their mark on the world of professional sports, and it continues to be a prestigious affair of the highest quality.

3. The PGA Championship

Most people have heard of the PGA Championship, which is always played on the third weekend before the start of the Labour weekend. It can be traced back to 1916 and has been persistently been hosted by the Professional Golfers Association. It’s played at various venues around the United States and has been a winning ground for some of the greatest golfers of the last century.

Anyone that wins the PGA is automatically able to play in any of the other top three men’s competitions for the duration of five years, while also being able to take part in the PGA for the rest of their lives, while also earning the chance to win money usually reserved for the jackpots you’d find in online pokies NZ.

4. The US Women’s Open

While most of the other tournaments are exclusivity for male players, the US Women’s Open is a famous all-women event that has seen talented players come and go since its creation in 1946.

It’s becoming more popular with every passing year and is rumoured to be quickly catching up to its all-male counterparts.

5. The Open Championship

Also commonly known as the British Open, it’s a truly prestigious event considering that the game itself as British roots, along with many of the modern rules that are used today.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, located in Scotland, is where the event often takes place, although there are nine other places throughout the UK where it can be held.