The Most Memorable Moments In Golf Tournament History

Like any sport, golf isn’t popular for any single part, but rather from the sum of all its parts. From the players to the course, the huge wins to the unforgettable moments, golf is special in that there’s something for just about everyone, and it’s a sport that fans from all walks of life can enjoy.

Golf is also home to some of the greatest moments in sporting history. These are moments that defined the game as something different and unique, that took regular players and transformed them into legends. Here we will look at some of the greatest moments in the history of the game.

Brooks Koepka

Koepka made a true name for himself after he won his second US Open title in 2018 in a row, making him the first player to earn that title since 1989, where it was first held by Curtis Strange. The young 28-year-old was able to hold his own against some of the best players of the time, and it was ultimately a win that was the first of his three major titles that he would earn over the next few years.

Spieth And His Downward Spiral

During the 2016 Masters, Spieth had started on the back nine, and was a head of his main competition thanks to a five shot lead that he had earned before the beginning of the day. Most watchers of the event assumed that he was on his way to getting another green jacket, but his hopes were dashed after playing on numbers 10 and 11, where he lost his lead to Danny Willet.

It was Rae’s Creek that he wound up losing his practice, making a quadruple bogey seven, and went to the back of the roster within just three holes, where h eventually finished behind Willet.

Tiger Woods

Never has there been a more famous name associated with golf, Tiger Woods is among the most successful professional players of all time and has many dozens of wins under his belt. Perhaps his most defining moment, however, came when he earned his 80th title during the 2018 Tour Championship.

What made his win particularly special was the fact that it was his first since 2013, and many had believed that his reign as champion had long since come to an end. It was a pleasant surprise to see the seasoned golfer etch his name once again in the history of golf, all the while surrounded by some of his most devoted and loving fans.

Woods’ Masters Win

Without a doubt, one of the truly defining moment of the last few decades in golf came when Woods won the Masters in 2019, showing the world that he was just as talented and dedicated as he had been in the 2000s, a time otherwise popularised by pop music and online blackjack NZ.

His outburst on the course, followed by embracing his family, was a statement about never always persevering despite battling the toughest odds, and a true testament to the spirit of the game.