The World’s Most Prestigious Private Golf Clubs

Most of the golf courses in the world have a club attached to them. These clubs not only maintain the courses, but they can also provide membership to the golfers, giving them access to special services that are only available to members. On top of that, golf clubs also rent various kinds of golfing equipment, and even have professional golf trainers available to hire.

Not all golf clubs are the same and can vary depending on the area that they are on as well as the kinds of members that they attract. Some golf clubs tend to be far more exclusive than others, meaning high membership fees and other prerequisites that only a few select members can meet. With that in mind, we will explore some of the world’s most exclusive golf clubs.

The Royal And Ancient

The Royal And Ancient currently holds the record for being the oldest golf club in the world. And because it’s situated at the famous St Andrews golf course, which many historians believe is the birthplace of the game, The Royal And Ancient is therefore a club that has a reputation that precedes itself.

The club itself was established in 1754, and many of the original codes that were created when it opened to the public are still in effect. In fact, some of these codes are so old that one of them excluded women completely from joining the club at all, until it was changed in 2015. Princess Anne was the first woman in history to be permitted to membership at the Royal And Ancient.

Shanqin Bay

Shanqin Bay can be found on Hainan Island, specifically on the Southeast Coast of the island. It’s an hour’s flight from the capital city of Hong Kong, where flyers will pass over the South China Sea before landing on the island for a few rounds of golf. The course itself is set overlooking the ocean, and the club itself is situated on the edge of the island to give an unparalleled view of the surrounding area.

There are many golf courses that can be found throughout mainland China, and many of them are truly unique, but few other courses or clubs are quite as exclusive as Shanqin Bay. In fact, due to the nature of its location as well as the membership fees and other costs associated with playing golf here, it may be one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, and a normal person would need to win big while playing an online casino in Dubai to gain entry.

Augusta National

Found in the state of Georgia, in the United States, many golfers are adamant that the Augusta National is the world’s most exclusive and prestigious golfing club. Unlike many other clubs in the world, the Augusta National is a for-profit company, which means that they can set the fees at whatever they want.

It can cost up to half a million dollars in total to be a part of this club, meaning that it only attracts some of the wealthiest and influential people in the world.