Staying As Calm As Possible When Playing Golf

When we picture a sport that’s nerve-wracking, most people would probably not think of golf. The thought of golf is usually one of players slowly making their way over a peaceful and beautiful golf course during the course of the day.

But just because a player looks like they’re calmly making their way through their game, doesn’t mean that they are not a bundle of nerves. Golf is a game of fairly high skill, and due to the fact that there are almost always other people around, it can be difficult to remain calm and collected throughout. Here we will look at some easy tips and tricks that a player can employ to stay calm when playing golf.

Using Music

For many people, music is a powerful and effective way for controlling nerves. There are two main ways of using music while out on the course: the first is to simply have a pair of earphones or headphones along for the game, listening to music when not in play and while walking, although it might be imperative to keep an ear out for other players on the course. Alternatively, simply humming a tune is also a great of helping remove the stress from the game.

Coaching Can Help

One of the keys to being better at the game is to maintain a healthy level of confidence – confidence is often what sets many amateur players apart from the pros. Without the right amount of confidence, it can be difficult to make any real progress during a round.

A great way to gain some confidence is by going out and learning more about the game with a professional coach. These are people that are trained to teach players not just how to play more efficiently while on the course, but to instil a certain amount of confidence that can help that push forward regardless of the kinds of mistakes that they make. Finding a good coach can make all the difference to those that are suffering from confidence issues.

Practice Breathing Exercises

Anyone with anxiety will be able to attest to the fact that breathing exercises can help reduce anxiety when in a stressful situation, and this is no different when it comes to golf. It’s a practise that has been used in a wide variety of conditions, and even soldiers under fire will use breathing exercises to try and relax their nerves.

One simple method to employ is by taking a deep breath while counting to four, and then exhaling slowly while counting to four. Repeat this as many times as necessary until a sense of calm can be felt. Of course, breathing is simply one tool to use, and should be utilised amongst other methods to help relax nerves, such as playing a few games at

Eat Before Playing

Another common mistake that many players make is not eating before they go out. Without a healthy source of fuel, it becomes hard to maintain concentration, making the player more likely to feel overwhelmed. A healthy breakfast should priority number one on a day that’ll be spent on the course.