The Most Common Injuries Found In Golf

Playing any kind of sport is incredibly good for the body, cutting down on excess weight, building stamina, keeping muscles strong, and much more. But sport almost always involves some kind of repetitive activity of some sort, and sooner or later, it’s inevitable that an injury will occur.

Over time, this can become more of a problem, and can eventually impact how a player is able to enjoy their sport, so it’s worth taking the time to learn which injuries are the most frequent and why it’s important to avoid them as much as possible.

This is no different in golf, where some injuries are fairly common and tend to affect golfers no matter what they try. For those that are new to the game and want to try and avoid developing some of the more common issues that most golfers tend to suffer from, keep reading to find out what they are and how best to avoid them.


Tendinitis is inflammation that takes place in joints around the body, and for golfers, this usually means in the elbows, which can develop into a condition that’s known as tennis elbow.

Due to the way in which the club is swung, and how many times it needs to be swung during a round of golf, it boils down to a matter of repetition that can wear down on the tendons and muscles within the elbow and lead to further issues down the line. One method of avoiding this is by resting the arm as much as possible between shots, going for massage therapy sessions often, and to use better posture when taking shots on the course.

Knee Issues

When striking the ball, the golfer will often have to bend their knees, and while this doesn’t tend to be a problem at first, after a while it can start to affect the knees, leading to inflammation and pain. This is especially prominent at the beginning of a swing, when a lot of downward force is being absorbed by the knees.

For those that find that they are suffering from knee pain, it might be worth investing in clubs that are longer or talking to a trainer about different ways of swinging the club. It can also be helpful to take small breaks during a round on the course, sitting down and resting the knees while enjoying a game of Blackjack Canada.

Wrist Injuries

The repetitive motions associated with swinging and putting mean that there is a lot of pressure on the wrists, and after playing the game long enough, it’s possible that the player might develop problems down the road that can affect their wrists.

It can be fairly tough to avoid this, but it comes down to being aware of the angle of the swing and finding methods of keeping the wrists straight and form rather than letting them fall into the swing. If there is pain, it’s worth investing in pre-season conditioning that can help alleviate the worst of it.