The Largest Golf Courses In The World

There are a lot of factors that set golf apart from other sports. From the “slow” nature of the game to the incredibly popular tournaments, there are few other games that similar to golf, and it remains a truly unique pastime and career for those that have a passionate for it.

Another aspect of golf that makes it special is the area in which it’s played; few other sports are set upon huge tracts of land, often with their own small woodlands, clubhouses, and more.

Golf courses make the game, and they can be found spread throughout much of the world, ranging from tiny, local courses, to massive playing area that cover thousands of square metres. Here we will be looking at some of the very biggest golf courses that anyone can play.

Pinehurst Resort

Set in the picturesque region of North Carolina, this is a 9 hole course that offers thousands of metres of playing space for those that want to experience the beauty of the state. The course has seen a lot of development in recent years, starting out relatively small and expanding as more and more people flocked to its greens.

Due to the fact that a total of 8 architects have been involved in its design, it’s also an incredible collection of different spaces, meaning that a player will never grow bored of everything that the course has to offer. It’s well worth a trip to the state to check it out.

Royal Portrush

Royal Portrush is located in Northern Island and has long been lauded by golfers as one of the finest courses in the world. It’s a large, complex course that offers plenty of different ways to play, while also being set in the beautiful landscape of the Emerald Isle.

One of the most interesting features of the course is the one that has become known as Calamity, named so because it has a unique fall off that’s located just to the right, making it one of the best three shot areas in the world.

It’s a great course for those that want to play on a course with plenty of space, but one that also provides plenty of complexity to the game, making it as interesting as possible, and a great reason to buy Bitcoin to sell and buy plane tickets later on.

The Mission Hills Golf Club

Found in China, the Missions Hills Golf Club is absolutely enormous, and is widely considered to be the largest in the world. It’s found on a piece of land that still has some volcanic activity, but the size of the course alone is enough to leave most players in awe.

The Chinese are well known for creating some of the biggest courses around, and this is by far their magnum opus, consisting of a total of 12 different courses that all link up into a single one. It’s an attractive course for international travellers, who tend to come far and wide to spend some time playing at the course while also seeing the other sights that China has to offer,